Jonah: Anyone Can Be Saved (4)

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Feb 18, 2018 | Don McCaig

Jonah: Anyone Can Be Saved (4)

Jonah 4

Jonah: Anyone Can Be Saved
Scripture: Jonah 4:1-11                Key Verse: Jonah 4:2

1.   Jonah is mad that God saved Nineveh.
2.   This is his motivation for running.
3.   There are three perspectives to look at.

I.     JONAH
       A.  He hated Assyria.
       B.  Assyrians were cruel idolators.
       C.  We might have sympathized with Jonah.

        A.  All the world is God's 
        B.  His desire is that all people be saved. 
        C.  God won't shut out anyone.

         A.  Everyone is evil compared to God.
         B.  God will send messengers to us.
         C.  Anyone can be saved.

1.     God wants everyone to know Jesus.
2.     If we're like Jonah, we must preach.
3.     If we're like Nineveh, we must repent.

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